Are you thinking about speech pathology telepractice security?

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Speech pathology telepractice really took off during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for good reason. Telepractice enabled clients to continue receiving support from speech pathologists. Clients' lives were not negatively impacted by "lockdown". We talked about Wollongong Speech Pathology's telepractice service in an earlier article, which you can access here. In the rush of moving [...]

Speech Pathology Telepractice

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Wollongong Speech Pathology is now offering speech pathology telepractice. In this article we explain what telepractice is, why we do it, and tips to make it most effective. What is speech pathology telepractice? Speech pathology telepractice, also known as speech pathology telehealth, means the delivery of speech pathology services at a distance, using technology. [...]

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