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Our team are experienced at assessing and treating stuttering in adults. We use a range of treatment approaches to suit the individual. These include the Camperdown Program and Syllable Timed Speech (also known as Westmead Program). We recognise the link between adult stuttering and low communication confidence / social anxiety. To address this, we recommend working with a psychologist as well as a speech pathologist, so that you can get the best results from your treatment. Or, you might try the free online social anxiety treatment for adults who stutter (see link to iGlebe below).

Stuttering Services

We can provide:

  • stuttering assessments in your home

  • stuttering treatment

  • collaboration with other professionals, such as Psychology and GP

  • stuttering support group (come and meet with other people who stutter, for peer support)

Client Information Handouts & Useful Links

We provide downloadable information sheets about different communication and swallowing disorders. You are welcome to print and share! Below you will also find useful links for adolescent and adult stuttering.

  • Link to iGlebe online social anxiety treatment: iGlebe (will open in new window)

  • Link to Camperdown Program resources here, e.g. Training Model, Daily Measurement Chart: Camperdown Program (will open in new window)

  • Link to SpeechFit companion software for Camperdown and Westmead Program: SpeechFit (will open in new window)


Articles about stuttering

News and advice relating to speech pathology and stuttering

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