After a long and sometimes tough COVID lockdown, NSW is set to “reopen” from 11 October 2021. This is an exciting time for everyone. We look forward to seeing friends and family, getting haircuts, going out for a meal, and having a sense of freedom again.

For Wollongong Speech Pathology, we are taking a more cautious approach. We see some high-risk clients and local case numbers are increasing. It would be devastating for us to spread COVID to our clients. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated, if it is safe and possible to do so. We do respect that some people can’t, or choose not to, get vaccinated. Our speech pathologists are all vaccinated.

For now, we still encourage telepractice.

We will be contacting some clients about resuming face-to-face services, but only if all people at that location have been vaccinated, and if there is a high need for the service. Our focus is on client and staff safety and wellbeing. You do not have to disclose your vaccination status with us. If you prefer not to tell us, we can stay on telepractice.

We will re-assess this plan depending on vaccination rates and case numbers in our community. We understand the desire to “get back to normal” but we are taking a cautious approach out of respect for the vulnerable clients we see.

  • Wollongong Speech COVID guidelines