Wollongong Speech Pathology is now taking Student Speech Pathologists on clinical placement. Let’s talk about why!

Benefits to clients:

  • a fresh perspective to therapy programs
  • access to up-to-date evidence & techniques

Benefits to the practice:

  • give something back to the profession
  • providing quality clinical opportunities to students

Benefits to students:

  • exposure to a wide range of adult clients
  • learn about community-based practice
  • learn about private practice


It is most common for students to have placements in public health settings. However many speech pathologists work in private practice. So we think it is important for students to have placements in a private setting, so they can learn about clinical practice in this context.

We continue to offer a quality, personalised service to all of our clients. Student speech pathologists can only enhance our service.

If you have any feedback about our students, or comments about this approach, please feel free to comment here.