About the NDIS Illawarra Family Fun Day

On Saturday 26th August I was out at Kembla Grange Raceway, welcoming the NDIS to the Illawarra. This was the official “launch party” for the NDIS in the Illawarra and the turnout was impressive. I really enjoyed seeing the positive interactions between participants, their families, and service providers.

Staying positive about the NDIS

I wanted to attend because I want to be positive and optimistic about the NDIS in our region. There is so much uncertainty (and often bad publicity) about the NDIS rollout. It’s no surprise that such a monumental change will take time for the Disability sector to adjust. And it sure is not perfect yet. But it’s my belief that if we stay focused on the goal (which is for people with Disabilities to live fabulous, “ordinary” lives), and if we stay positive, the NDIS can be something amazing!

Communication supports

So along I went, on a weekend, to spread the word about speech pathology services for adults with Disabilities. I saw a few familiar faces, met a few new people, and was pleased to find that there is a strong demand for services that improve communication skills for people with Disabilities. Of course I am biased, but I think the ability to communicate is one of the most important things a person can have to achieve meaning in their life. I was also not the only speech pathologist present on the day. So it is great that NDIS Illawarra participants have CHOICE if they seek therapeutic supports for communication.