We have wanted to offer group communication therapy for a long time now, and finally we are ready! Please spread the word.

Groups are a fun, supportive way to practice communication skills. They are a recommended method of treatment after a stroke (read more here: Australian Aphasia Rehab Pathway).

Our therapy groups are going to be dynamic. We will keep changing the format so that it stays fun, relevant, and meets the needs of group participants.

Now gathering a waiting list.

The first step is to find out who is interested. So we are gathering a waiting list now.

We will get in touch with you when there is a suitable mix of people on the waiting list.


1. Who can participate in group communication therapy?
Group members should be aged over 18 years.
You may have had a stroke, a brain injury, or some other condition that causes you to have trouble communicating.

2. Where will group communication therapy be held?
In the community in central Illawarra – perhaps a library, a cafe, or a community centre.

3. When?
We hope to start in July 2017, so get in touch soon!
Group sessions will be held at minimum once per week for 6 weeks, and ideally more often each week depending on the availability of participants and the treatment goals.

4. What does group communication therapy involve?
We start with an assessment of your communication skills and goals.
During group therapy will be asked to participate in group discussion. You may bring a friend or relative along with you.
At the end of the group program we will re-evaluate your communication skills and ask you if you have achieved your goals.

5. How much will it cost?

To make groups cost-effective, we aim to have some help from speech pathology students on clinical placement. The cost will vary depending on the number of sessions, etc. We will be able to tell you more when we get in touch.

To find out more you can call Beth on 0418476235.