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Helping you to achieve your goals

An Allied Health Assistant (AHA) has a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance, or equivalent. The initial assessment is always conducted by the speech pathologist. If appropriate, the speech pathologist will bring in an AHA to support a client’s therapy program. The AHA works with the client, under the speech pathologist’s supervision, and they report back to the speech pathologist on your progress. The AHA does not replace your speech pathologist. Rather, an AHA program can help you to achieve your treatment goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

AHA Service

Examples of tasks the AHA may complete:

  • conduct speech pathology treatment under the supervision of a speech pathologist

  • collect data on treatment progress, and report back to the speech pathologist on changes required

  • prepare homework materials and monitor progress with homework

  • help support workers to implement home programs

  • make AAC equipment and resources

  • assist group therapy sessions

Client Information Handouts

These downloadable information sheets provide an update on current research, and information on how we work with different communication and swallowing disorders. You are welcome to print and share!


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