Niki McDonagh: Occupational Therapy

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Interview Series: Collaborative practice in the Illawarra Working in private practice, especially out in the community, runs the risk of being isolating. I don't have an office to share with other health professionals. So I miss those important "corridor conversations". Thankfully, working in isolation is not my thing!! It is no fun for me, and not [...]

What is a speech pathologist?

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Speech pathologists work with individuals across the lifespan, from newborn babies to palliative care. As part of a team, we are uniquely trained to assess, diagnose, and treat communication and swallowing disorders. In Australia, all speech pathologists have been trained at a university. For more information, see

Speech therapy after brain injury

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Communication and swallowing problems are common after brain injury. This means that speech therapy after brain injury is important. A speech pathologist has expert skills in assessing a person's speech sounds, voice, use of language, as well as their social skills and thinking skills after brain injury. We also assess and treat swallowing disorders after [...]

What is Aphasia?

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Ay-fay-zia is a communication disorder that is common after stroke. We are lucky to have world-leading aphasia researchers right here in Australia. They recently got together to write the Australian Aphasia Rehabilitation Pathway. You can find out more about it here. The pathway shows that people with aphasia may continue to improve in speech therapy more than [...]